Homosexual teachers are like the Ku Klux Klan who are trying to enlist youngsters to the cult of "gayism," a senior lecturer at one of London's biggest colleges has claimed.

Dr Mark Walcott has been suspended by Newham College in east London for a bizarre staffroom rant during which he voiced his belief that homosexuality was being inculcated in young students by "gay teachers".

Lumping together gay people with the "Ku Klux Klan, the Freemasons and the Nazis" Walcott claimed they were "indoctrinating people" - as well as "having lots of gay sex".

He said: "Gay people's objectives are not just to have lots of gay sex but also to increase the gay community. Gayism or any sexual preference is subliminally taught and auto-suggestive.

"I have prejudices about people who are homosexual and are grooming my children and other people's children into homosexuality when they didn't actually choose it," claimed the college's head of dance and drama.

His 50-minute tirade was captured on tape by a former colleague.

Walcott was relieved of his duties after the video surfaced online. It was apparently posted after an internal investigation lasting months resulted in no action being taken by managers at the college.

After the video was published on YouTube and racked up thousands of views, Walcott was suspended. A review was ordered by the board of governors.

Walcott's former wife, who divorced him four years ago, told the Standard: "His big mouth is bringing down Newham College."

Newham College said: "The college is aware that a recording has been posted on social media websites expressing views that do not reflect the values of Newham College. The college has instigated a full investigation, to be externally chaired.

"The individual named has been suspended pending that investigation. Newham College does not support any discrimination against, or unfair treatment of, staff or learners in any context."