Kobe Bryant's return to the NBA is one of the most asked questions in the league today. But as much as fans want to see him play as early as the start of next season, they still have to cross their finger out for the NBA star has yet to determine when the date of his return will be. Nonetheless, the news that the Lakers guard is recovering fast from the injury is something to be thrilled of.

In an interview with the media in Shenzhen, China, the five-time NBA champion made it clear that there is still no specific timetable for his recovery from his Achilles tendon injury. "We don't know," said Bryant. Nevertheless, he told reporters that he is recovering fast, thanks to the innovative type of surgery that he is having.

"That's the thing about this injury is that the surgical procedure was different, how we did it, was different," Bryant explained.

The normal rehab period for players who is recovering from the injury is nine to 12 months. Bryant said he can already walk fine and lift weight after his three-and-a-half months of rehab.

"Because of that the recovery has been different, the timetable has been different, the normal timetable for recovering from an Achilles, we've shattered that."

Meanwhile, Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis announced that at the end of August, the management should have an idea of when the possible return for Kobe will be.

"That is what I am hearing. At the end of this month, they will re-evaluate where his healing process is. That will be an indicator of when he might be ready to come back," he said.

Rambis also told the media that Kobe is being diligent when it comes to taking care of his body and "always doing the right thing" when it comes to his rehab process.

"He is the best I have ever seen at dealing with those obstacles that players have in front of them."