American novelist Kola Boof is making headlines across the globe after revealing the names of the 20 men with the biggest penises in show business.

The 44-year-old writer, who best known as Osama Bin Laden's former mistress, claimed that X-rated list was compiled back in the 80s and 90s, when she was part of the Alpharetta Secret Society.

According to Boof, the secret club was made up from around 200 women socialites, models and high-priced call girls who regularly slept with some of Hollywood's elite.

In the 25-minute clip, Boof hints that stars including the Vivica Fox and Tyra Banks may have been a part of the society.

"A lot of us lived in California but partied in Alpharetta, Georgia. Alpharetta was the hot spot. Pebbles [Reid] knows what I'm talking about. Vivica Fox know what I'm talking about. Tyra Banks would know what I'm talking about," she tells the camera.

"All 200 of us were called to tell whatever we know about whatever men and to pull all the information to come up with this list,"

"Some of them are dead now but most of them are alive."

Arsenio Hall, Vin Diesel and Marc Anthony are just a few of the names that made the list.

Boof, who has previously dated Gerald Butler and Mike Tyson, recently got married to air force pilot and businessman Jason Appelbaum.