An Afghan man receives treatment after the car bomb explosion Reuters

A suicide bomber has killed nine civilians in eastern Afghanistan amid increased anger over the burning of the Koran by US troops.

The car bomb went off at Fenty forward operating base, which serves as an airport to Jalabad. The majority of the victims were believed to have been civilians. The toll of deaths related to the burning of the Koran is estimated to be more than 30 people.

Fallout from the Koran Burning:

  • 21 Feb: Thousands of Afghan civilians take to the streets in protest at claims that a Koran was burnt by US troops. At least two deaths confirmed. US commander John Allen apologises, admitting troops had "improperly disposed of a large number of Islamic religious materials, which included Korans".
  • 22 Feb: Second day of violence sees death toll increase and dozens injured amid widespread protests.
  • 23 Feb: Two US soldiers shot by a man in Afghan army uniform.
  • 25 Feb: Two senior US military officers shot in the back of the head within a heavily secured room in the Kabul interior ministry, prompting America to withdraw all personnel from ministries. Taliban claims responsibility for the killings.
  • 27 Feb: Suicide bomb detonated in Jalalabad.

Amid the ongoing violence, US president Barak Obama apologised to Afghan president Hamid Karzai.

French withdrawal plans also have increased in pace since four soldiers were killed in January by an Afghan army trainee