There are lots of G.O.A.T. basketball player debates going around rekindled by "The Last Dance," a documentary on Michael Jordan and his career with the Chicago Bulls. The conversation always goes to the theoretical question, "what if X player played in Y era?" Another G.O.A.T. candidate, LeBron James, surprisingly endorsed someone else, Stephen Curry.

Michael Jordan has changed the game of basketball. Before him, it was dominated by centers and everyone had to be role players. Virtually every MVP before Michael Jordan is a center. Legendary player George Mikan, during the inception of the NBA, created the big man dominating game strategy that lasted until Michael Jordan's era.

Jordan showed the NBA and the world how any position can dominate basketball with the right skills. He started the positionless basketball that we know today.

Los Angeles superstar LeBron James is an excellent example of a complete player. He is a walking triple-double with almost no weakness. However, older basketball fans would always say that modern players won't survive the physical era before the 2000's.

James disagrees. He claims that Stephen Curry would be great in any era.

He faced the Warriors guard in the finals four times, with Curry winning the match-up three times. James claims that Curry would be a superstar in any NBA era. According to CBS Sports, he is right.

Jordan is known for his high flying skills in his early days, but that's not what won him six championships. What made Jordan impossible to guard is his crazy fade-away jumper that's effective anywhere in the mid-range area. It's those shots that lifted his team above the rest. It's what made NBA big men irrelevant, the same big men that dominated the league for almost 50 years before Jordan.

If you put Curry in the same position, even without a three-point line before 1979, he would still be consistently hitting shots 30-35 feet away. Curry's 2-point range average is a tad over 50% (Same as Jordan) and even as high as 59.5% in the 2017-2018 season.

A shooter like that would drive the league crazy. And he would have done it in any era.

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Stephen Curry poses for a portrait during the Golden States Warriors media day at Rakuten Performance Centre in Oakland, California Ezra Shaw/Getty Images