The blockbuster week at the Leveson Inquiry continues as the former PM Sir John Major appeared today, following on from former labour PM Gordon Brown and George Osborne yesterday.

Sir John was prime minister from 1990 until the 1997 general election. That defeat - which saw his party lose power after 18 years - came after Mr Murdoch's newspaper titles famously switched their support away from the Conservatives to Labour and to his rival Tony Blair.

He told the inquiry that Rupert Murdoch warned him as PM to switch policy on Europe or his papers would not support him. Sir John recalled the exchange from a private meeting in 1997, which he said he had not spoken about before.

Labour Leader Ed Miliband also gave evidence to the inquiry. And deputy labour leader Harriet Harman is giving evidence now.

Yesterday former Prime Minister Gordon Brown accused Mr Murdoch of lying under oath and was heavily critical of the Sun newspaper's publication of his four-month-old son's confidential medical records.

Tomorrow the inquiry will hear from Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg and Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond.

On Thursday it will be the turn of Prime Minister David Cameron to give evidence to the inquiry.

Written & Presented by Ann Salter