Lewis Hamilton
Hamilton and Scherzinger Reuters

Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton and his X-factor judge girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger may be on the verge of a break-up. According to the Daily Mail, a furious Nicole was spotted in London as she flew to confront her boyfriend amid reports that he partied with ten scantily-clad women in Mayfair hotel.

Hamilton tried to calm his girlfriend saying that nothing went on in his ninth floor luxury suite - and said he was desperate for the couple to spend more time together, the Sun reported. An angry Nicole even "tore strips" off the British racing ace, according to a report. While some reports indicated that Nicole was breaking up with Hamilton, others said that she had decided to stand by him.

"They are not breaking up. Both are still committed to making the relationship work," a source close to the ex-Pussycat Dolls singer told The Sun.

The source also said Nicole was very upset Hamilton had allowed himself to be put in such a vulnerable position. Nicole was reportedly concerned about the media glare on Hamilton and herself. As for the partying episode, Nicole said she was whole-heartedly standing by her boyfriend. She insisted that nothing went wrong in the hotel room in Mayfair.

Nicole also said that distance was a problem in their relationship. But with Nicole committed to the UK for the X Factor until the end of the year, the couple is hoping to spend more time together.

Another source told the Mail Online that Nicole was not sure whether the couple had a future together.

According to the women who partied with Hamilton, he was going crazy, reports say. "It was huge; there was a kitchen, two bathrooms, two bedrooms and a huge lounge. Lots of people were chilling in the main room; people were smoking on the balcony. At one point, Lewis was spraying champagne all over the room like he had just won a race," Emily Tudor, who partied with Hamilton, told The Sun.

The Hamilton-Nicole affair has been on and off since 2007. They were last seen together at Nicole's 34th birthday party in London.