LG Lifeband Touch fitness tracker
A picture of the rumoured LG fitness tracker "LG Lifeband Touch" has been leaked on Twitter, but no other details are available. @evleaks

An image of the rumoured fitness tracker LG Lifeband Touch has been leaked online ahead of its expected unveiling at CES 2014.

South Korean media began reporting last week that in addition to working on the LG G3 smartphone, the manufacturer planned to debut two wearable tech devices – a smartwatch known as G Arch and a fitness tracker known as the G Health – either at CES 2014 which is taking place in Las Vegas next week or at Mobile World Congress at the end of February, depending on which report you believe.

Popular tech leak source @evleaks has tweeted a picture of what the fitness tracker could look like, together with the text "LG Lifeband Touch", but no other details have been disclosed.

According to the South Korean reports, the fitness tracker could be similar to Nike's Fuelband which tracks your fitness progress in real-time and sends the data to an app on your smartphone for easy viewing, including goals and feedback.


In October 2013, LG made a trademark filing for "LG G Health" in the US, with the following description:

"Watches; Watchbands that communicate data to personal digital assistants, smartphones, and personal computers through Internet websites and other computer and electronic communications network."

A second description is also included which mentions "computer application software for mobile phones", which would make sense for the wristband to be a competitor of the Fuelband.

LG has not confirmed whether it is planning to release either a fitness tracker or a smartwatch, so this could be hearsay, or a product that might never be released, like the LG Smart Activity Tracker that was announced at last year's CES but never made available to purchase.

The LG Smart Activity Tracker was meant to monitor your heart rate, act as a GPS tracker and display notifications from your smartphone such as calls and text messages.