Would you fly 7,780 miles to watch your favourite basketball player?

These guys would. They are taking the 15 hour flight from Taiwan to New York to see
Jeremy Lin.

The 23 year old- who is also known as Linsanity- is an overnight basketball sensation.

He plays for the New York Knicks, but his fanbase is a stretches far beyond the Five Boroughs.

This group of 20 Taiwanese fans will be taking a Linsanity tour through the Big Apple.

Lin is the son of Taiwanese immigrants, and his recent performances have attracted attention.

The point guard had a rocky start to his career, but his persistence is paying off.

"He is really great and his perseverance is something we should learn. He is well-prepared and that's
how he achieved so much in two weeks, which brought him to everyone's attention. To be given the
opportunity to watch his game is something I will never forget in my life."

Recently Lin's form has dipped, leading to the Knicks head coach to quit- but somehow, we don't think
these fans will mind.