Brendan Rodgers has given the first indication that he will be signing a striker in January but warned fans that there will be limitations on the business he can conduct in the transfer window.

The Liverpool boss has made it clear that he needs another forward to help add more goals and ease the reliance on Luis Suarez, as the only other senior striker at the club, Fabio Borini, is currently sidelined through injury.

Brendan Rodgers
Brendan Rodgers has said Liverpool will sign a striker in January [Reuters]

Even when the Italian forward returns Liverpool have few options in reserve and Rodgers has made it clear that he will get the backing in the New Year to bring in new faces.

"There is no doubt we will get reinforcements in January and there is no doubt that we will get the backing, but it will come down to two things - the availability and affordability of players," Rodgers told the official Liverpool website.

"I see lots of names bandied about and, with all due respect, names that are pie in the sky because there won't be too many top players moving about in January because clubs want top money.

"But there is no doubt that we want to bring in goals and we want to bring in players who can assist in scoring goals. If we can do that then that will set us up and then we can really reinforce again when the market opens up in the summer."

Two players who have been heavily linked with recent weeks are Blackpool's Tom Ince and Chelsea forward Daniel Sturridge both of whom seem to fit the description of players who can both score and create.

However, Rodgers has warned that it all depends on the whether the clubs are prepared to allow their best players to leave.

"There is a bigger picture to look at for sure - it goes back to availability of players," added Rodgers. "We will spend money in January to try and bring fresh faces into the group and give us that support at the top end.

"The reality is, are all the names bandied about going to be available? I don't think so. Certainly we will bring in what we can to help us and then we will revisit it again.

"All our problems were never going to be solved in this window because the January window is one of the least productive and the least movement goes on there.

"But we will look to solve some of our problems in there and then we will look to revisit it in the summer, knowing that in the summer we will be in a much better place than we were the previous summer."