Liverpool Footbal Club have released a statement apologising for the alleged racist abuse suffered by Oldham Athletics' Tom Adeyemi during Friday's FA Cup third round draw.

The Merseyside club offered their "sincere regret" following the allegations that one of their supporters racially abused the Oldham defender during the FA cup tie between the two sides.

A 20-year-old man from Aintree who was arrested on suspicion of racially abusing Adeyemi has since been released on bail.

A statement from the club read: "Liverpool Football Club has been forthright and resolute for many years in its stance against racism and any form of discrimination.

"Whatever the outcome of what is now a police investigation, all of us are deeply sorry for what happened on Friday night and our players and our Club pass on our sincere regrets to Tom Adeyemi for the upset and distress he suffered as a result of the matter at hand.

"Regarding the incident that occurred on Friday evening, we have given Merseyside police every possible assistance we can and will continue to provide the necessary support to their investigation in order to ensure this particular incident is dealt with properly.

"We will continue to take the strongest possible action(s) against unacceptable behaviour during our matches.

"The actions of any one individual do not represent our fans."

The club has also vowed to ban the supporter for life is he is found guilty.

This incident could not have come at a worse time for the club following the negative public reaction they received following support they gave to striker Luis Suarez before and after the eight-match ban he received for racially abusing Manchester United defender Patrice Evra last October.

Popular Liverpool FC supporters website Spirit of Shankly released their own statement on the recent events which have plagued the club.

The statement read: "we note with increasing concern attempts to tarnish both the Club and LFC supporters with a reputation for racism that we do not feel is deserved. Events at the FA Cup game, which are now subject to a police investigation, have seemingly already been thoroughly examined and a "guilty" verdict summarily passed on an entire city by elements of the media.

"Notwithstanding the outcome of this investigation, Spirit of Shankly stands resolutely against racism in all its insidious forms and stands four square behind the TUC's "Root Out Racism" campaign."

A second supporter's website Koptalk also released a statement following the latest incident of racial abuse at the club in which they say they are happy with how the club have improved the way tey have dealt with the Tom Adeyemi incident following the Suarez investigation.

"Koptalkhad been critical of the club's failure to take so long to respond to the incident before publishing yesterday's initial statement. Despite the need to investigate the allegations, in view of the current climate following the Suarez-Evra row, we thought the club should have made it immediately clear that we will never tolerate racism

"We are absolutely delighted with this new statement and we hope that anyone ever found guilty of throwing racial insults around Anfield is banned for life and dealt with by the authorities.

"We would like to remind supporters of other clubs reading this news item that every club has its fair share of idiots and that rather than latching on to this to use against us because of club rivalry, we ask that you stand united with us and make it known that none of us will accept racism from the stands at any ground by any supporters."

Fans themselves have taken to various online forums to express their opinions following the alleged racist attack towards Adeyemi with converse views.

Curdin55 wrote on the official wrote: "I know it's horribly wrong if the fan said something racist to Adeyemi. But to start crying like a baby is just... (sic) If you want to be a footballer you have to cope with people chanting disrespectful stuff about you. Grow up Adeyemi."

Boule12 echied a view shared by many fans of the officially Liverpool FC website who wrote: "What a shame it will be if that comes true. especially at the kop ends. this guy must be punished. It was so sad for that kid. Liverpool supporters should set example and that fool has just put us to shame."