Guus Hiddink
REUTERS/Nikola Solic: Guus Hiddink

Jan Molby believes that Guus HIddink is the best candidate to lead England to glory in the 2012 Euros, despite Harry Redknapp being overwhelming favourite to take on the role.

Hiddink has a decorated coaching career, and after taking underdogs South Korea and Australia to high heights in previous World Cups, the Dutchman has been greatly in demand by countries and clubs alike.

The 65 year old already has a relationship with some of the England players after his tenure at Chelsea, and Molby believes that he has the international pedigree to be successful in one of the most high-pressure jobs in football.

"There's a real clamour for Harry Redknapp to be the next England manager but I think Guus Hiddink is a much stronger candidate," Molby told the Liverpool Echo.

"Yes, Redknapp has done a fantastic job at Spurs but there's no guarantee he will be successful at international level. Look at his record as a club manager, it's not a patch on Fabio Capello's.

"We don't even know for sure that Redknapp would take it. And who could blame him if he said he didn't fancy working for the FA."

Molby, who made over 200 appearances for Liverpool in the 1980s and 90s, believes that the calls for the next England manager to be English are unnecessary.

He added: "People say the next boss has to be English but I don't understand that. Surely, you just want the best man for the job?"

Hiddink's agent also weighed in on the debate over whether the former Turkey manager would be interested in the job, and he had his reservations, claiming that he would stick up for John Terry until the end.

"I don't, based on previous conversations with England FA board members, imagine that it would work [for Hiddink to be England manager]," he told the Daily Telegraph.

"Guus also has a very strong personal relationship with John Terry and would be on his side in all this."

As the search continues for an England manager, Redknapp is currently preparing Tottenham to face Newcastle tomorrow, with the side hoping to pick up three points after a lacklustre 0-0 draw with Liverpool during the week.