Liverpool are reportedly first in the race to sign Mexican club Pachuca's winger, Hector Herrera, after the 21 year old player recently revealed he felt ready to move to the English league. The admission came, according to a Daily Mail report, after he met with a Liverpool scout.

"I was only introduced to him (Liverpool scout), he didn't tell me anything specific," the Daily Mail reported Herrera as saying.

Herrera, who played a crucial role in his country's qualification (Under-23s) to the 2012 London Olympics, said he would be thrilled to play in the same league as his national team mate Javier Hernandez, who plays for Manchester United.

"I watch games on TV and it will be fabulous to play against Chicharito," he added.

Meanwhile, Andres Fassi, Pachuca's Executive Director, has confirmed the Reds' interest in Herrera. However, he says Liverpool have not made an offer as yet.

"At the moment, we know that Liverpool is interested. But that's all it is at this point, an interest," quoted Fassi as saying.

"There's no formal offer yet, only interest, no verbal agreement or pre-contract. Liverpool's people came to Mexico on a general scouting trip, there's a declared interest in Herrera. Their scout was here for four practice sessions and now they want to watch him in the Olympic Games," Fassi was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail. Fassi added Liverpool would be first on their list if they did make an offer.

"We have a sort of deal between the two clubs, in that Liverpool would be the first in line should the player (move) to Europe," he added. Furthermore, according to Fassi, Pachuca are only interested in an permanent deal for the youngster.

"If [Herrera leaves], it will be thanks to a sale. We will not loan him out or send him for a trial," said Fassi, reported However, he is confident that any club buying Herrera will not be disappointed.

"[Herrera] can surely be one of the Premier League's best players in two or three seasons. He's that good," he added.

Meanwhile, the player himself says his dream of playing in Europe is finally getting fulfilled but he says that he is not looking to get into a small club.

"I don't have a particular club I'd like to go to, but I would love to play for a big club, I don't want to go to a smaller club. I found out about the [Liverpool interest], I haven't been told anything concrete yet and I'll have to wait to see what [Fassi] says about it. I think it's a great opportunity, it's one of my dreams to play in Europe," quoted Herrera as saying.