Following the Chinese swimmer Ye Shiwen's record-breaking gold medal performance on Saturday. Allegations of doping have been made, surrounding her performance which shows her powering ahead where she swam faster in the last 50 meters of the 400 metre medley than the winner of the men's event.

The chairman of the medical commission speaking at a news conference said he personally doesn't believe there is any wrong doing.

"Should I have my suspicions I keep them for myself, myself first of all and take any action if so in order to find out whether something is wrong or not. You ask me specifically about this particular swimming - I say no, I haven't personally any reason to other than applaud what has happened until I have further facts if so."

In response to the allegations Ye Shiwen said: "There is no problem with doping. The Chinese team has a firm policy so there is no problem with that." Meanwhile Team GB will be going for medals in events including canoeing, gymnastics, diving and equestrian later today.

Written and presented by Ann Salter