Over 900,000 more tickets for the London 2012 Olympics are going on sale this Friday.

The Olympic Stadium in East London was officially opened to great fanfare and a fabulous concert last week, so this is great news for anyone who missed out the first time when the ballot for tickets opened last Summer.

LOCOG, the official Olympic office, said 928,000 tickets will be available. So if you're one of the lucky 20,000 people who put in for the first lot of tickets and landed some, then you've got another chance to apply for some more! But listen carefully, you've only got a 31-hour window from 11 o'clock on Friday morning to get your hands on some. And you can only buy up to FOUR tickets for a single event.

Then if you're one of the one million people who didn't get any tickets at all the first time round, you can apply for tickets for different sports each day from 11am between the 13<sup>th and 17<sup>th May. You can get the full list on our website.

Reporter: Marverine Cole