Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has reacted angrily to Luis Suarez's comments regarding his desire to leave Anfield.

Suarez claims Rodgers promised he could leave the club this summer if the Reds failed to qualify for the Champions League the previous campaign.

And the Northern Irish boss says Suarez's comments go against the traditions of Liverpool and will be dealt with internally.

"My conversations with players will always remain private. I'll never disclose any conversation between a player and I. In terms of the remarks that were made, this is a football club that has always worked a certain way," Rodgers told the club's official website.

"The Liverpool Way is all about a club with ambition, a club that strives to be the very best, a club that is about commitment - that means that everyone is committed to the cause of fighting for the shirt.

"It's also about dignity and being dignified in how you speak about the club, on and off the field, and it's about unity. Those are the four values that run through my mind when I think about Liverpool.

"Those are the values we will always retain. If anyone steps outside of that standard, I will deal with it. That's something that we'll do

"Professionally, Luis Suarez has given me everything since I came into the football club, but there is obviously a way in which you have to speak," he added. "This is a club that has offered Luis Suarez the utmost respect since the day he walked through the door.

"That's something that over the course of the coming weeks you need to have when you work for Liverpool Football Club. You've got supporters and players that have given Luis Suarez absolutely everything - they backed him to the hills."

Liverpool maintain that Suarez is not for sale after rejected two bids from Arsenal this summer, but Suarez has spoken on numerous occasions over his desire to leave the club ahead of the new season.

The ex-Ajax striker claims Rodgers has broken a contractual promise over not allowing him to leave Liverpool this summer and has threatened to take the case to the Premier League.

Suarez has been at the centre of controversy since his arrival in English football. He became the first Premier League player to be found guilty of racial abuse and last April was banned for ten matches for biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic.