A car crash, a baby's cries for help, stunned onlookers and a heroic rescue on set is just another Wednesday for Hollywood actors. However, for Danny Trejo the entire heroic recue scene became a reality.

In Los Angeles, after a collision between two vehicles, one of the cars turned turtle. Within the overturned car was a toddler strapped to a car seat.

Danny Trejo witnessed the crash and sprung into action. He tried to crawl through a broken window and reach the child. When he was unable to free the child from the car seat, another Good Samaritan, Monica Jackson, helped Trejo unhook the car seat.

Three passengers of the two vehicles, including the baby, were rushed to a nearby emergency room. Los Angeles Fire Department has informed the media that none of the crash victims sustained major injuries.

Danny Trejo
Danny Trejo wants the safe return of Donal Logue’s missing daughter Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Trejo is known for his villainous as well as tortured hero role in many Hollywood movies. When interviewed about the incident Trejo spoke about how it was the car seat which had kept the child safe. He also said that all the success he had in life was a "direct result" of helping out others. Machete might be killing bad guys on screen, but it is his off-screen heroic actions raking in some major good Karma points.