The Queen led the annual Remembrance Day tributes for the Commonwealth's war dead in London on Sunday November 11 as thousands of people, including ex-servicemen and women, gathered at the Cenotaph memorial and paused to observe the traditional two-minute silence to mark Remembrance Day, which is the anniversary of the day the Armistice was signed marking the end of the First World War. The chimes of Big Ben rang out across the city as the clock struck 11 o'clock.

And just after this ceremony a19 year old Canterbury man named locally as Linney House, 19, was arrested by Kent police on Remembrance Sunday on suspicion of sending 'malicious telecommunications', after people on Facebook contacted police complaining that House, had posted a picture of himself online burning a Royal British legion poppy with a lighter, and making defamatory comments about British soldiers. In response naked pictures from the suspect's social media pages were posted as a wave of public anger appeared to mount against him following the poppy burning.

The arrest of House has prompted a Twitter outcry with users criticising police for 'abusing civil liberties'.

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