KFC naked guy
That's torn it: Hungry man caught on fence spike in rush for Kentucky Fried Chicken Twitter

A Warrington man in a hurry to get his fast food fix has become a Facebook sensation after film of him caught on a railing spike with his pants around his ankles and his very own bargain bucket on display went viral.

The desperately hungry fried chicken lover slipped as he tried to clamber over iron railings in a short cut to the Kentucky Fried Chicken shop in Warrington.

His pants snagged on the iron spike and he fell back. His trousers were ripped off his legs, exposing his naked bottom half to passing cars.

Pictures of him trying to hang on to his last shred of dignity were posted on Facebook and Twitter.

One user wrote: "I was driving by and saw this poor guy and his friends... I guess I got more than I bargained for, in fact more than a bargain bucket. What a sight!"

Another posted: "Probably not his brightest idea trying to jump the fence outside KFC."

"Omg the picture of the guy climbing the fence near KFC who got stuck and on the floor naked," wrote Ryan Martin.

The picture shows another man giving the beleaguered chicken-lover directions - although he appears to have been reluctant to help him untangle himself.