A second as yet unnamed man has been arrested on, suspicion of conspiracy to murder, following the shocking deaths of two unarmed female police officers from Greater Manchester Police on Tuesday. PC Fiona Bone, and PC Nicola Hughes, had been sent to investigate what appeared to be a routine burglary report, but was in fact an ambush, at Abbey Gardens, Mottram, on Tuesday, when they were killed with guns and grenades.

Detectives are continuing to question Dale Cregan, previously described as Manchester's most wanted man, over the deaths. They were granted extra time to detain him last night and now have until Saturday morning before they must charge or release him.

In response to the murders, the Home Secretary Theresa May has cut short her holiday and gone straight to Manchester for a meeting with the chief constable. She has released a statement saying "These were brave and talented officers who were going about their everyday duty, doing what police officers do day in and day out, protecting the public and fighting crime. She also called "the murders "savage acts of brutality".

Post-mortem examinations have shown both officers died as a result of gunshot wounds. And the gun believed to have been used during the attack has now been recovered.

Meanwhile tributes continue to pour in for the two women as their needless deaths touch the public, who have flooded The Greater Manchester police force site with thousands of messages of on Facebook and twitter.

Written and presented by Ann Salter