A Taiwanese television station was left red-faced after confusing footage of the Queen for the late Margaret Thatcher.

The Taipei-based station CTI TV rushed to present the story on Monday (April 8), but in their haste, editors accidentally used the wrong video while displaying the caption, "Former British prime minister Thatcher passed away, the Iron Lady is missed".

As the presenter reported the death, the footage showed the Queen greeting crowds with the Duke of Edinburgh, reports the Daily Telegraph.

In another mix-up, an army-run television station in Thailand reportedly used a picture of Meryl Streep from the 2011 film The Iron Lady while discussing Thatcher's death.

The channel, realising the error, afterwards posted on its Facebook page: "We apologise for the mistake over the use of the photo during the report on Margaret Thatcher which caused misunderstanding.

"Our team will try harder and be more careful."

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