Manchester City's star Italian striker continues to find himself in sexual controversies.

After caught cheating on his girlfriend and rumoured fiancée Raffaella Fico with prostitute Jennifer Thompson, Balotelli has another of flings speak out. Balotelli's personal assistant, Chloe Evans, has revealed they were in a secret affair for a decade and even though it was an off-and-on, the troubled forward had sex with Evans even after he started dating Fico.

Evans also revealed a few details about Balotelli's sexual desires - apparently the Manchester City star likes dressing up as a woman.

"I will never forget the day I gave him a girlie makeover - he loved it. We were a bit bored and messing about so I turned him into a WAG for a laugh! We got a blonde wig and used my make-up - and before you knew it he was Marilyn Balotelli! It was so funny. The lipstick was a really pale pink so it was hilarious against his skin. I put it on him really carefully, he kept laughing so it nearly smudged. And he had loads of pink blusher on too. I got a blonde wig I had at the time and put that on him too to complete the look. Mario loved it. He started prancing around and posing in front of the mirror admiring himself. He shook his bum really fast doing silly moves to make me laugh. It was hilarious and then he looked in the mirror and said he was prettier than me. He didn't go as far as wearing a frock and stilettos - but I reckon he would have carried it off because he's got the best legs ever," Evans told the Sun.

Meanwhile, Evans insisted that contrary to Fico's beliefs, she was Balotelli's favourite.

"He always comes back to me. I'm his favourite. Raffaella thinks she is the only one for Balotelli. But he couldn't give me up. And when he cheated on her he didn't even seem to feel guilty," Evans said, adding he never felt guilty about cheating on his girlfriend.

"I stayed for seven nights. He said he and Raffaella had split. He was really affectionate. He kept cuddling up to me and kissing me. I slept in the same bed as him and he wanted to have sex with me but it didn't feel right. I was a bit surprised because he said he had only just split from Raffaella. But I think he just needed some affection. He didn't want me to leave the house so I stayed because I have known him for a long time. I care about him," Evans revealed, adding, "He said sex helped him be better at football, that it improved his stamina. But I had to fake it in the bedroom. Every time."