The final theatrical trailer has been released for Paul Thomas Anderson's new film The Master.

Hopes are high for the next effort by the director of multi-Oscar-winning There Will Be Blood, which revolves around Joaquin Phoenix's troubled young war veteran, who is drawn towards the enigmatic Lancaster Dodd, played by Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The trailer gives a glimpse of a speech from Dodd, who describes himself as a philosopher and "thinker". Dodd's following, known as The Cause, begins to attract the label of a cult during the film.

Further details of the film's plot are not available, but the percussive, discordant soundtrack and pervading atmosphere of pent-up aggression suggest that the path of The Cause will not run smoothly.

With a strong cast, including Amy Adams and Laura Dern, supported by Anderson's typically sumptuous visuals, The Master could well see the director catch the eyes of the Academy again.

The film also looks like a return to form for Phoenix, who disappeared off the map to make spoof documentary I'm Still Here, a role which required him to fake his own retirement from acting.

The first trailer for the Master, focused on Phoenix's character, a simmering and confused pot of suppressed rage, serves as a reminder of his talent for the unpredictable.

The Master is released in November.