Men in Black 3
Josh Brolin plays a young Tommy-Lee Jones in Men in Black 3 (Sony Pictures)

The third Men in Black film has seen actor Josh Brolin singled out for an unexpected skill, his ability to do a Tommy-Lee Jones impression.

In the film, which recently opened in cinemas, Will Smith must travel back in time when his partner, played by Jones, is erased from time. Smith must enlist the help of Brolin, who plays Jones' younger self.

Brolin's impression was so good that many audience members believed Jones had actually dubbed the dialogue, but the filmmakers insist it is all his own work.

See the trailer below for a glimpse of the impression:

However Brolin is not the only actor who dabbles with impressions. IBtimes UK lists some of the best:

Paul Rudd:

Rudd has comfortably semented himself a position as one of the most popular and likeable comedy stars, with star turns in Role Models, Anchorman and I Love You Man.

It was in a scene of pregnancy comedy Knocked Up that Rudd showed off his unexpectedly uncanny impression of Robert De Niro.

Matt Damon

The star of the Jason Bourne trilogy currently sits in the upper echelons of the Hollywood A-list, but he clearly doesn't take himself too seriously.

Damon showed off his comedy skills with an appearance on David Letterman's chat show, where he poked fun at Matthew McConaughy and his tendency to show off his body in his films.

Kevin Pollak

Underrated character actor and comedian Kevin Pollak gave an interview to MastersTV, when he told a funny anecdote about an encounter with Christopher Walken at a party. It's a funny story, but the most impressive part of it is Pollak's spot-on impression of Walken.

Jim Carrey

It takes a brave man to do an impression of legendary tough guy Clint Eastwood - especially if he is sat right in front of you. But at Eastwood's AFI tribute, that's exactly what rubber-faced comedian Jim Carrey did. Luckily Eastwood laughed.

Kevin Spacey

All of the previously mentioned impressions above are impressive, but they pale in comparison to the sheer range of impersonations that Oscar winning actor Kevin Spacey has in his arsenal.

In this (admittedly very stage-managed) interview on Inside The Actors' Studio, where he shows off spot-on portrayals of Christopher Walken, Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Jimmy Stewart and Jack Lemmon. As each impression is introduced, Spacey's body language and mannerisms transform.