After a mid-season two-year time jump, The Mentalist plot will accelerate another three months in its next episode. According to TV Guide, the show will undergo one more time jump between "My Blue Heaven" and "Green Thumb."

After taking it easy on a tropical island to hide from the FBI, Patrick Jane is in for a tough time now that he is back in the bureau's jurisdiction.

Consequences will catch up with Jane following his refusal to take Agent Dennis Abbott's (Rockmond Dunbar) deal and he will spend three months locked up.

"You can't go around killing people willy-nilly without some sort of ramification," said series creator Bruno Heller, according to TV Line. "Jane is going to be in a position where his personal desires are not the point.... What he does in the future is not going to be entirely up to himself."

But despite the chaos, it looks like Jane will be getting back in the field during "Green Thumb." Cho's (Tim Kang) warning that the Mentalist and the FBI may operate on different wavelengths defiantly becomes prophetic, reports Enstars.

"We're going to have some fun putting Jane into an entirely different work environment," Baker told TV Guide. "He'll not only find his spark again - he'll have a whole lot of new people to rub the wrong way!"

According to the TV Guide report, Jane will eventually pull out something from the Red John files which will put him in the clear. After all, a mystery that has consumed ten years of his life is bound to show him ways of pulling one over on the system and milk something good.

To see a post-incarceration Jane, click on the video below for a preview of "Green Thumb."