Lionel Messi's left foot is worth countless fortunes to his Barcelona club.

The World Player of the Year has scored 39 league goals for the Spanish league leaders this season, most of them with his left foot, and has twice been awarded the Golden Boot award for the top scorer in the European Leagues.

Now the Argentinian's left foot has been cast in gold by a Japanese jewellery company to mark the 91 goals he scored in 2012 and is selling for a cool $5.25 million (£3.48 million). Also on sale are 50 golden footprints at $95,000 and 100 mini versions of the golden foot at $42,000.

The golden sculpture was made in association with the Lionel Messi foundation and the player's brother Rodrigo was at the official launch in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Messi had his foot encased in plaster to create the mould for the sculpture and the hollow mould was then filled with molten gold to create the artwork.

Some of the proceeds of the sale will go towards victims of the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami.

The items are on sale only from March 7th to June 6th and will be taken around the country to display at the company's stores until June, along with a hologram of the star player.

Ginza Tanaka president Masakazu Tanaka said the company was not making any plans for the main sculpture if it didn't sell.

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