Microsoft has started rolling out Bing Chat AI’s plugins to select users. Wikimedia Commons

Much to their delight, Microsoft has given some users early access to Bing Chat plugins. However, it looks like the early preview of Bing Chat plugins is only available in the Microsoft Edge browser at the moment.

In other words, Google Chrome or Apple Safari users haven't received the feature yet. It is worth noting that Microsoft recently even paused Bing ads that target Google Chrome users.

Some users took to X (formerly Twitter) to confirm they got access to the new Bing chat plugins feature. According to his latest post on X, tech journalist Mayank Parmar had the chance to try Bing Chat's third-party plugins, which are now rolling out to select users.

Parmar claims the third-party plugins are a bit slow, but have the potential to improve the usability of Bing Chat. To recap, Microsoft announced support for plugins in Bing Chat in May, but the American tech giant pushed back the rollout due to the infrastructure upgrade.

Microsoft is giving select users access to plugin feature

Microsoft officials have confirmed that the upgrade is complete. As a result, some users are getting access to Bing Chat's plugin feature. This update is meant to improve the Bing Chat's reliability when working with specific queries. Microsoft has teamed up with select companies to roll out the plugins to a limited number of users.

Only five plugins were available at the time of writing. This includes Shop (online shopping portal), OpenTable (book restaurants), Klarna (online store comparison tool), Kayak (flight and rental), and Instacart (plugin to discover recipes and ingredients).

Also, Microsoft told the folks at Windows Latest that users will be able to enable three plugins simultaneously. the Redmond-based tech firm has been sparing no effort to popularise its Bing Chat AI.

In line with this, the company recently added an AI-powered chatbot to Google Chrome. You can use any three plugins when chatting with Bing. Let's check out the key details about these plugins.

Instacart Plugin

This plugin will come in handy for chatting about your favourite recipes. Getting a step further, this plugin helps you identify your desired ingredients and divulges more details about the recipe.

Kayak Plugin

This is a very useful Bing Chat plugin that enables you to discuss your travel plans with AI. You can use the Kayak Plugin to search for flights, rental cars, and accommodations. It even provides recommendations based on your budget.

Klarna Plugin

This plugin is available to users based in the US at the moment. It allows you to chat about shopping with Bing Chat and get the best deals.

OpenTable Plugin, Shop Plugin

OpenTable plugin provides restaurant recommendations based on user's preferences. You can now search for millions of products around the world while you chat with the Shop Plugin. This Bing plugin allows you to effortlessly find and compare a wide range of products including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.