Six people were injured and one detained in Spain today as miners protesting against austerity cuts clashed with riot police in Madrid.

Thousands of miners, and supporters chanting and throwing firecrackers, marched through the centre of the Spanish capital in protest against government austerity measures. Joined by trade unionists in the capital, the miners rallied noisily at the climax of a 44-day protest against a 60% cut in coal subsidies which they say will force mines to close and put many out of work. Some of the miners who have marched through northern Spain since June hail from the Asturias, a traditional centre of leftist militancy.

This protest march is in response to the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy further austerity measures in parliament, which includes including a hike in VAT, budget cuts for government ministries and the privatisation of airport, rail and port assets. According to Spain's trade union confederation the government will slash also cut aid to the mining sector by 63 % to 111 million euros, which it fears will result in job losses.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter