Miss Philippines Ariella Arida in traditional terno dress for National Costumes round. (Miss Universe Organization)
Miss Philippines Ariella Arida in traditional terno dress for National Costumes round. (Miss Universe Organization)

Miss Universe 2013 contestants showed off their country's traditional garments in breaktaking style at the National Costume show on 3 November at Vegas Mall in Moscow, Russia.

All eyes were on Miss Philippines Ariella Arida, who is a strong contender to win the title. The 24-year-old wore a traditional outfit, reportedly designed by Stella Araneta, the pageant director and organiser of Binibining Pilipinas.

However, many fans voiced complaints on social media platforms about how disappointing her gown was.

"Seriously????there's only 3 or 4 gowns that really standsout for me...but i was so disappointed with miss philippines gown...it seems like, ughh!!!!!there should be better that fits her perfectly and can define her as beauty extraodinaire...pls change it!!!!i still love miss philippines though," one fan, Abel Madriaga Sinogbuhan, wrote on the Missosology Facebook page.

"yes.its a national.costume....BUT ITS IN A COMPETITION....NOT SCHOOL CELEBRATION....where is the aplomb? the x-factor? who designed this gown????" another user, Mykefrancis Younghusbandvdadeivler, posted.

"BPCI as headed by Madame Stella Araneta can't get it, although we know that Nat-Cos competition does not have any bearing in the final outcome of the contest, but her group are missing the whole point. A national costume is a form of national pride, it symbolizes the country's rich history, cultural background, its colorful past and its aspirations. More than anything else it symbolizes our ingenuity and creativity as people," Raynold Tiu said on Facebook.

Arida's fans were quick to support her and praised her appearance during the round.

"This gown is a product of research and it reflects truly the Filipino culture. This is a modern take on the traditional Baro't saya without the panuelo. The pompyang or sleeves are emphasised as they are the definitive parts of the known national costume for Filipnas (worn till this day)" Pamela Anne Montecarlo said.

"In the presentation. Ms.Arida carried the gown with all grace and sophistication even at a distance as shown in the missosology photo. Besides it is not the gown that should stand out it should be the ONE wearing the gown or costume for that matter."