Canadian Police have confirmed they have found a human hand and foot at two Vancouver schools, believed to be linked to the murder and dismembering of Chinese student Jun Lin by Canadian porn star Luka Rocco Magnotta.

Police in Canada could not, immediately confirm, if the body parts were that of Lin, whose hand and foot were mailed to top Canadian political party headquarters in the capital Ottawa. They are also examining the footage which Magnotta posted on the internet as he filmed the dismembering and murder of Jun Lin.

Magnotta was taken to prison in Berlin on Tuesday after he said he would not appeal against his extradition back to Canada.

Magnotta was detained by police at an internet cafe in Berlin's Neukolln district, after the owner of the cafe recognized him and alerted the police.

A spokesman speaking in German said that Germany would comply with the extradition agreement for trial.

"He will not be tried in Germany, so our judicial system will help the Canadian government to complete the suspect's extradition. He will be tried in Canada following the country's judicial procedure, and face charges for the crimes committed."

It is believed the extradition is expected to be completed in a few months if everything goes smoothly between the two governments.

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