Ajmal Kasab the Mumbai bomber who was part of a group of militants, and killed 166 people in 2008, has been sentenced to death today by hanging, for waging war against India.

Kasab, a Pakistani national and member of the militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba, went on a three-day rampage that shocked the world. The group staged a series of coordinated strikes on key landmarks in the city, including luxury hotels and a Jewish centre.

Here is the group armed with AK 47's which they used to gun down 60 people at Mumbai's main train station.

Kasab, was convicted of murder and other crimes in May 2010. His first appeal was rejected by the Mumbai High Court in February 2011. The judges also rejected his claim that he had been denied a fair trial as a Pakistani national .Which in turn led to a political situation as talks broke down for the first time between India and the nuclear capable country Pakistan in light of the countries terrorist links. But today's verdict was upheld at the high Court in New Delhi. However legal experts say it could still be months or even years before the sentence can be carried out.

Written and presented by Ann Salter