The Muslim Brotherhood has declared victory in Egypt's first free Presidential elections for their candidate Mohammed Mursi. After claiming 52 percent of the votes, a mass of Mursi supporters gathered in Tahir Square to celebrate the landmark victory.

Ahmed Shariq, who was battling Mursi in the run-off Presidential elections, rejected the victory claims stating that the Brotherhood was hijacking the election.

Shafiq was tied to former President Honsi Mubarak's regime, and the Muslim Brotherhood's win would end six decades of rule by Presidents belonging to the military.

The results will not be announced until Thursday 21<sup>st June, and regardless of the outcome Egypt's real powers are now held by its army.

The generals who have run the country since Mubarak was overthrown have stated only limited powers will be granted to the new head of state, and that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces will now be responsible for law-making decisions.

Written & Narrated by Alfred Joyner