The crowds at the final of the Aegon Championships were shocked when David Nalbandian earned himself a disqualification after kicking an advertising board into an umpire's leg.

The official, an innocent victim of a sporting red mist, was left bleeding and Nalbandian was ejected from the competition.

He is likely to be haunted for the rest of his career for that single loss of control and judgment, but he is not the first to display an on-court temper tantrum.

IB Times UK takes a look at some other tennis meltdowns:

Marcos Baghdatis takes his anger out on his racquets

It's no rarity for a tennis player to have a moment of rage and hit their racquet against the floor, the net or the wall.

However, as he stumbled to a four-set loss to Stanislas Wawrinka during the January Australian Open, Marcos Baghdatis snapped.

Although he seemed calm, Baghdatis sat down and smashed his racquet to a pulp. As a ballboy crept closer and removed the destroyed piece of equipment, Baghdatis drew another racquet from his bag and proceeded to repeat the performance three more times.

Vocal audience member sparks outburst from Greg Rusedski

(Warning: Strong language)

During the 2003 Wimbledon tournament, fan favourite Greg Rusedski was embroiled in a tight match against Andy Roddick.

However an over-excited fan shouted "out" during one point, causing Rusedski to falter which, in his eyes, made him lose the point. When it was not replayed, Reusedski voiced his anger at the umpire.

Unfortunately, the BBC camera happened to be inches from Rusedski's face when he unleashed his four-letter tirade.

Mikhail Youzhny assaults himself

As we have seen before, there's nothing surprising about a player losing their temper and smashing a racquet.

What elevated Mikhael Youzhny's temper tantrum during the 2008 Miami Ericsson Open was the chosen target for said racquet - his own head.

Infuriated after a simple mistake, Youzhny walked to the baseline, smashing his racquet into his own face, not once, not twice, but three times.

There then followed a brief interval as a doctor rushed over to stem the flow of blood from his forehead. Youzhny went on to win the match, possibly because opponent Nicolas Almagro was intimidated by the show of self-flagellation.

John McEnroe wants you to answer his QUESTION

A list of tennis temper tantrums would not be complete without the presence of John McEnroe, the player who turned tennis rage into an art form.

During a match in Stockholm in 1984, McEnroe took umbrage with several line calls and decided to have a passive-aggressive jab at the umpire. The jab swiftly turns aggressive when McEnroe snapped.

After yelling at the umpire to "answer my question ... jerk" he proceeded to smash his seat with his racquet.

Another classic outburst came three years earlier, during Wimbledon, where he couldn't believe the umpire ruled a shot to be in. Thus the catchphrase "you cannot be serious" was born.

Serena Williams does not get on with US Open umpires

During the 2011 US Open, Serena Williams shouted "come on" as she won a point against Sam Stosur.

The umpire awarded the point to Stosur as she ruled that Williams had distracted her opponent. This did not go down well, with Williams continuing her abuse of the umpire between points, calling her a "hater" and a "loser".

It was not the first time Williams clashed with umpires at this tournament. Her poor form in a 2009 US Open match against Kim Clijsters sent her into another tailspin.

Following a foot-fault penalty, Williams snapped at a line judge, who told the umpire she threatened to kill her.

Williams was called over and coule be heard saying "I never said I would kill you, are you serious?"