Nate Diaz is not pleased with UFC president Dana White's recent comments that he had offered the Stockton native fights, which were turned down by the fighter.

Diaz has not fought since losing via majority decision to Conor McGregor in their rematch at UFC 202 in August 2016.

The 31-year-old has since stated that he will only return to the octagon for a big event, presumably the third fight with McGregor, or for a bout that would earn him $20m (£16.2m) at least.

White reportedly offered him a fight with former lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez in February, which was laughed off by Diaz on Twitter. Dustin Poirier, who will fight Alvarez instead at UFC 211, also wanted to square off against Diaz, challenging him to a bout, but to no avail.

Meanwhile, Diaz recently applied for a boxing licence, but there has not been any concrete conclusion on what he plans next. As of now, it is seven months since Diaz last competed in the octagon, and it is unclear as to when he would be seen in action again.

When White was asked about the same, he said, "I have no idea. Maybe he is holding out for McGregor. Conor has endless possibilities for a fight. We keep offering Nate fights and he keeps turning them down. Nick [Diaz], too."

Nate Diaz
Diaz denies being offered more fights by White Getty

This angered Diaz, who took to Twitter again, this time to deny White's claims: "This f****r can't stop making s*** up about me and I haven't been offered any fights except the one Iaughed at."