The estate of Jimmy Savile - reportedly worth around £4.3 million - has been frozen by NatWest Bank - in response to the myriad of sexual abuse allegations that have been made against the late TV presenter. Now believed to one of Britain's most prolific sex offenders, it's thought the move is in anticipation of legal claims for damages by his alleged victims.

Former Top of the Pops and Jim'll Fix It host, Savile, who won many plaudits and public accolades spanning decades, died just over a year ago aged 84. Ever since an ITV1 documentary, filled with testimonies from people who say he abused them decades ago, was aired last month, various police forces have been inundated with similar allegations. Scotland Yard is following at least 400 lines of inquiry into claims against the former BBC presenter and DJ, that he abused young boys and girls sometimes on BBC premises. There are also several other lines of enquiry on-going that he abused youngsters in schools, hospitals and mental health institutions.

NatWest said in a statement: "Given the claims raised, distribution of the estate has been put on hold." According to the Financial Times, Savile's will, written in 2006, bequeaths his savings and other assets to 26 separate beneficiaries including Leeds General Infirmary and Broadmoor Hospital, places where abuse was also alleged to take place.

ITV1 is now preparing to broadcast a second documentary at the end of this month, following-up on the events since its original broadcast in October.

Written and presented by Marverine Cole.