Twitterverse was caught by surprise after users noticed some unusual activity from the account of Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers. He quickly started trending on Friday night when fans noticed that his account started liking adult content in quick succession.

Fans noticed that Doc Rivers was liking NSFW content including photos and videos showing nudity and some posts which users described as pornographic.

Obviously, Twitter users quickly trolled the coach and called his attention to the fact that other users are able to publicly see his "likes" Naturally, memes started to spread like wildfire. There were many jokes about Doc Rivers coming to the realization that his likes have been noticed by the world.

Then, others joked about how the Sixers and the NBA would react upon seeing the likes.

Naturally, some damage control was needed. As expected, the team immediately claimed that the Twitter account of their head coach had been hacked and that they were doing their best to gain full control of the account and remove the likes on the raunchy content.

Even after the team announced that they were on top of the situation, more adult content kept being liked by the account for several more hours. Many users did not buy the hacking excuse and kept trolling Doc Rivers on social media, saying that he should learn the tips and tricks on keeping online activity on stealth mode.

Some fans started to use the situation to comment on Rivers' job as head coach. Many are not convinced that it was indeed a hacking, but overall the reactions were lighthearted. Some of the liked content contained posts showing members of the LGBTQ+ community, which led to speculations about his sexuality.

Nevertheless, most of the comments were the funny side, but it remains to be seen if there will be any backlash on a more serious note from the team and the NBA.

Meanwhile, back on court, fans are feeling optimistic about the NBA season, with Rivers in control of the Sixers bench. Both James Harden and Joel Embiid are fully healthy coming into the campaign, and they will surely be working hard to be serious title contenders.

Doc Rivers
Head coach Doc Rivers of the Philadelphia 76ers Getty Images | Michael Reaves