Miami Heat rookie Kendrick Nunn scored over 100 career points in his first five games as an NBA player in their win against the Atlanta Hawks on Friday. Nunn is the first undrafted player to achieve this feat. He scored 28 points in the game while shooting 10 of 15 in the field. He now has 112 points for the season, averaging 22.4 points per game.

A lot of players have scored 100 points in their first five games but only Nunn was able to achieve it as an undrafted player. Undrafted players are often seen as diamonds in the rough and it usually takes a few years for them to shine.

According to, the official website of the Miami-based team, Nunn was not selected in the 2018 NBA draft but signed on to play for the Golden State Warriors G-league. He also received training camp offers from other teams. Apparently, the Warriors, with their strong line-up in the guard position, let him go. It gave the Heat the opportunity to sign him to a multi-year contract. With Klay Thompson out for the season this year and with Stephen Curry's injured hand, the 22.4 PPG Nunn is a big fish they could have used.

Golden State shot themselves in the foot. But, there is no use crying over spilled milk, while Nunn is currently leading all rookies in PPG averages. It gave the Heat a possible replacement to the aging Dwyane Wade.

Miami has a lot of experience building a team around a prolific guard. They won a few championships with Wade supported by superstar Shaquille O'Neal or the rising star (at the time) Lebron James.

Nunn is currently putting up numbers similar to Wade during his rookie years. He is even averaging 6 points more. If he can be consistent like his first five games and further develop synergy with the team, particularly with Jimmy Butler and Goran Dragic, then Miami is back on track as an NBA championship contender.

Kendrick Nunn
Kenrick Nunn in the 2013 Class 4A Illinois High School Association championship game. By TonyTheTiger - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, TonyTheTiger/Wikimedia Commons