Klay Thompson
Klay Thompson Getty Images/Ezra Shaw

Golden State Warriors All-Star guard Klay Thompson did not play a single game this 2019-2020 season, but his previous record and future prospects are enough for him to fulfill his childhood dream. He is now officially an endorser for Nerf.

Thompson was injured in the 2018-2019 NBA finals. Together with the injury of superstar Kevin Durant, the Toronto Raptors were able to pull away to win the championship against the 2015, 2017, 2018 NBA champions.

Thompson currently holds the NBA record for most points in a quarter (37), surpassing scoring monster Wilt Chamberlain (31) back in 2015. Chamberlain's record stood for over 50 years. Thompson also holds the record for the most made three-point shots in a game (14), beating fellow Splash Brother Stephen Curry (13) back in October 2018.

Now he plans to beat another record. According to the Golden State of Mind, Thompson had a childhood friend named "Chad" who had a Nerf weapons collection "that would make the military look pathetic."

Thompson plans to collect Nerf guns and play with every shipment he receives from the company. Nobody would argue that Thompson is a sharpshooter with a name frequently associated with a gun.

The Golden State Warriors ended this season with the worst record in the NBA at 15-50 (.231), four wins behind Cleveland Cavaliers with a record of 19-46. Stephen Curry also got injured early in the season, and the coronavirus pandemic prevented his return. Kevin Durant also left the team for the Brooklyn Nets.

Now, the Warriors have the Splash Brothers back and healthy. They also have the second pick in the upcoming NBA Draft this coming November 18. They were unable to replace Durant during the season, giving them salary cap space to acquire one more key player to fill the void.

Top draft picks such as LaMelo Ball and Anthony Edwards are both guards. While many analysts are guessing that the Warriors will choose one of the two, it's unlikely with the Splash Brothers on the floor.

If the Warriors decide to pick 7'1" Jason Wiseman, and coach Steve Kerr gives him the minutes to shine and make up for his lack of experience in organized basketball, then the Warriors will pose a threat to all of the NBA again.