North Korea's hit the headlines for the second day running. First there was the embarrassing Olympics mix-up at one of the first Women's Football games. The South Korean flag was shown on the info boards alongside the team's faces before the kick-off of their match against Colombia in Glasgow.

Red-faced organisers have now apologised for the debacle, which saw the entire team refuse to go onto the pitch at Hampden Park. The game was delayed for an hour before the graphics were corrected, the ladies placated by officials and persuaded to go back out and play the game. North Korea's coach Sin Ui-gun said after match "Our players cannot be shown especially with other flags, especially the South Korean one. If this matter had not been solved, continuing would have been nonsense". In the end they thrashed Colombia two-nil.

And we rarely get an insight into the personal lives of North Korea's elite, but the country's state TV station has rather nonchalantly mentioned that their new young leader, Kim Jong-Un has a wife. Who is she? The mysterious lady - seen by his side at an official event two weeks ago, whom everyone was speculating about, of course! So here she is - Ri Sol-ju - in a yellow dress hubby visiting a nursery in Pyongyang. And all we know is her name, because authorities are being tight-lipped about her.