Who is going to let down her hair in Once Upon a Time? TV Line has announced that Alexandra Metz will join the series as Rapunzel.

According to the report, Metz will make her debut in the 14th episode of Season 3 which premieres on 9 March.

Metz is better known as Katie, a role she played in The Originals, but she did not survive in the series. Fans are hoping that Rapunzel's fate in a tower keeps her around for a bit longer in Once Upon a Time.

In addition to her short stint as The Originals's Katie, Metz's TV credits include Chicago Fire and episodes of The Good Wife and Gossip Girl.

As per a Hypable report, by the time Metz is set to appear, the story will have well established itself back in Storybrooke after spending the entire first half surviving Neverland.

The length of Metz's stay is not confirmed as yet, but speculation is that she may not be confined to mere flashbacks. With Once Upon a Time, the character's stories are nothing short of shocking this season, it is said. Mulan may discover her tower in the woods on one of her hunts with the Merry Men.

Once Upon a Time will air two more episodes this season before taking a hiatus until 9 March. The final two episodes will wrap up the Neverland story arc, hopefully with Pan paying for the anguish he has caused the entire season.

Is Robin Hood Rapunzel's Father?

Several theories around the characters and plot of Once Upon a Time keep surfacing online. One was posted earlier this year on Once Upon A Time Wiki which explores the possibility of Robin Hood being Rapunzel's father.

"Robin Hood stole the wand to heal his pregnant wife. That sounds awful familiar. In the story of "Rapunzel" the father stole the witch's rampion because his wife told him she would die without it. Do you think it's possible that Rumplestiltskin stole the baby for some reason and he takes the place of Mother Gothel? It's just a theory. Although I'm not sure if it would fit in with the timeline. But we don't know how long Belle was living with Rumplestiltskin. It could have been a couple of years. Maybe, possibly, Rapunzel is this new Heidi character, but she will also take the place of Wendy and Peter Pan will rescue her from the tower by flying her out. Again, it's only a theory".