One Direction fans have turned on the band, and each other, after a video emerged showing Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlison sharing what appears to be a joint on the Latin American leg of their world tour.

While some used Twitter to vent their outrage by ripping up concert tickets in protest, others claimed that they are role models and owed their supporters an apology for their actions.

Meanwhile, some loyal devottes pledged their support for the hearthrobs, insisting that smoking has only added to the young stars 'sexy' image.

Those threatening to leave the 1D family have been criticised for not being 'true fans' and being fickle towards their erstwhile heroes.

Drugs charities and parents have also spoken out, calling the band a 'disgrace' and 'scum' for appearing to endorse illegal substances and ignoring the age of their core fanbase.

"Popstars doing drugs is nothing new - but when you market your music to preteen children, you take on a real responsibility as a role model," Nicola Lamond of parenting website Netmums said.

"Parents need to know their infant and junior age child's idol won't be caught out doing anything illegal or immoral."

She that Malik and Tomlinson need "to do some work with a charity specialising in helping young people overcome the harrowing effects of drug use in their family"