The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) has released time-lapse video footage showing building work at the former London 2012 Olympic Park - 100 days before the park reopens to the public.

Temporary sports venues such as the water polo arena and basketball arena have been dismantled. The controversial 'wings', temporary high-banked rows of seats, on either side of the Aquatics Centre have been removed, returning the building to its original elegant dimensions.

Using London marathon funding, a cafe and community centre is being built with a children's playground attached. Landscaping is taking place and there will be much planting of vegetation before the first part of the park is opened to the public.

Ticketed concerts are due to take place in part of the North Park area at the end of June this year, while there will be a diamond league athletics meeting with an additional day of disability athletics in the Olympic Stadium, starting on July 27 exactly a year after the opening of the Olympic Games. On the same day there are due to be family-orientated events in the rest of the North Park which will be open to the public thereafter.

Later this year families will be moving into accommodation created from the athletes' village around the park, and the South Park area is due to open in 2014.

Presented by Adam Justice