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ChatGPT now comes with a new Archive Chats feature. Pexels

OpenAI has announced that its AI-powered chatbot ChatGPT now boasts a highly anticipated feature dubbed Archive Chats.

The recently announced feature enhances the overall user experience by allowing users to conveniently organise and revisit conversations.

While the Archive Chats feature is currently only available on ChatGPT's web and iOS versions, OpenAI said it is gearing up to add the feature to the Android version of the app.

"You can now archive your chats in ChatGPT! Archive removes chats from your sidebar without deleting them," the American AI company announced in an X (formerly Twitter) post.

So, it is safe to say that the Archive Chats feature is actually a digital filing cabinet where you can store your conversations with ChatGPT. Notably, you can archive specific chat sessions to keep the main chat interface clutter-free.

How does the Archive Chats feature work?

In the X post announcing the new feature, OpenAI shared a GIF file that gave us a glimpse into exactly how the Archive Chats feature works.

The archive feature has been seamlessly blended into the existing ChatGPT interface. You can access it by clicking a new icon, which could be a folder or archive symbol depending on the app's design.

You can archive a chat simply by tapping or clicking on the abovementioned icon, which will open a menu with relevant options. Here, you will get the option to either archive the entire conversation or store a specific conversation.

You can access the archived chats through the main menu or by heading to the dedicated "Archive" tab. You can quickly find and retrieve archived chats whenever needed.

Moreover, OpenAI has added a search function to simplify and expedite the process of accessing archive chats. You can search for dates, keywords or participants to find an archived conversation.

Archive Chats: Benefits

  • Organisational efficiency

The most notable benefit of the Archive Chats feature is that it helps users keep their main chat interface uncluttered by enabling them to effortlessly achieve older and less relevant conversations. They can still access these conversations when necessary.

  • No need to remember past conversations

Users no longer have to worry about losing vital pieces of information shared in previous conversations. The Archive Chats feature helps users to easily recall details, As a result, ChatGPT now doubles as a tool for knowledge retention.

  • Privacy and Security

It is no secret that AI-backed tools like ChatGPT can be misused to commit malicious acts. For instance, new research shows cybercriminals can take advantage of a ChatGPT feature to pull off online scams.

Understandably, OpenAI is sparing no effort to protect its users from such scams. In fact, the Sam Altman-led AI startup recently announced it will pay researchers to control superintelligent AI systems.

Archiving chats can also enhance user privacy. By allowing them to selectively archive and manage their conversations, OpenAI is giving its users more control to decide what information is readily accessible.