OpenAI set to roll out new ChatGPT updates soon. Pexels

OpenAI is prepping to roll out a huge set of ChatGPT updates in the coming days. Some users believe the performance of ChatGPT has been changing lately.

In their unreviewed paper on the open-access journal, researchers at Stanford University and the University of California-Berkeley found that the "performance and behavior" of ChatGPT LLMs (large language models) have changed between March and June 2023.

Moreover, the word on the street is that OpenAI is working on an advanced AI model that uses 10 million NVIDIA GPUs. While nothing is set in stone yet, the American AI company is gearing up to add new features to its widely popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT.

Taking to Twitter, OpenAI's first developer advocate and developer relations expert Logan Kilpatrick confirmed that a "huge set of ChatGPT updates are rolling out over the next week."

The new features highlighted by Kilpatrick include example prompts, which the folks at VentureBeat claim are already visible to the author. Next, ChatGPT will get suggested replies and follow-up questions, which Kilpatrick believes will come in handy for reducing fatigue.

Aside from this, the Microsoft-backed company is set to introduce a GPT-4 by default feature that ensures Plus subscribers do not have to remember their previously selected model every time they start a new chat.

So, users will no longer go back to the older GPT-3.5 when beginning a fresh chat. However, there's a cap of 50 messages every three hours.

ChatGPT Plus users will get support for multiple file uploads when using the Code Interpreter beta. Furthermore, users will no longer have to be logged out every two weeks. Still, if they do, they will see a new welcome page.

Also, users can now work faster with shortcuts. For instance, you can access the complete list by pressing (Ctrl) + / on a desktop or ⌘ (Ctrl) + / on a Mac. As expected, users have been heaping praise on the new features.

What do ChatGPT users say?

A considerable number of users said they loved the history search feature, which Kilpatrick revealed is already available on iOS. One user recommended that OpenAI should consider making the "pages translated and localised."

While it is no secret that users can interact with the AI bot in many languages, a user pointed out that the landing pages and interaction pages can sometimes be a major hurdle to those who don't speak English.

Unsurprisingly, the default and suggested prompts feature garnered more popularity among users since it allows AI-backed apps to give users context-aware suggestions. This minimises the initial blank text box anxiety while improving the overall experience.

Last month, ChatGPT website traffic dropped for the first time since the AI bot made its debut. Undeterred by this, OpenAI has been introducing a myriad of new features to ChatGPT for a while now.

ChatGPT is becoming more useful

For instance, the company launched the customised instructions feature in Beta for Plus users last month. The feature allows users to share specific instructions with ChatGPT for future conversations. This leads to a more personalised interaction.

The company is reportedly planning to roll out this feature to all users soon. ChatGPT is used by the SEO and digital marketing community to create content, streamline workflows, and perform analysis. The AI bot also comes in handy for streamlining workflows.

So, improving usability and features can increase overall productivity and effectiveness. As a result, the tool will become more useful for professionals like content marketing managers and SEO strategists.

Just a day before OpenAI announced the new features, ChatGPT Plus users noticed the Link Reader feature was missing from the plugin store. In early July, OpenAI disabled the Browse With Bing feature from its AI tool.