Scared of flying? I'm not but I think would be after being on any one of these three flights that got smacked around by high winds as they tried to land in Northern Spain.

I can only imagine what the passengers were thinking as this was happening. This plane just about makes it down ok – with a big bump in Bilbao! But you've got to spare a thought for the pilot of this next plane as it comes in. The extreme weather delivered him (or her) the ultimate test of their nerve and professional skill as it swoops down……gently does it… and then up. And up, up and away again. Whoops!

Let's take a look at the third one then – bearing in mind these are 65 kilometre an hour winds buffeting Loiu Airport and 4 planes were re-routed. This one comes in slowly but surely and then smack, but all the way along the runway it's a struggle to keep it straight. Congratulations.

You'll be pleased to know there were no fight cancellations, and no injuries, but those planes ran out of sickbags!