The crowds came out to get a glimpse of Mitt Romney on his way to visit Polish leader Donald Tusk. The US Presidential candidate's out and about meeting political leaders trying to earn himself a few foreign policy brownie points, all so he can more confidently go toe to toe with Barack Obama this November. And as he greeted the Prime Minister, all smiles around the table, there was an ill-wind blowing….In the form of a snub by key trade unionists.

Because it was more a case of 'No Solidarity here' as Romney made a solemn visit to the Gdansk shipyard, the hub of Solidarity, the trade union movement. It was instrumental in toppling the Communist government in Poland in the 80s. Lech Walesa was the shipyard electrician there who led the movement. But Solidarity leaders refused to meet with Romney. Why? They reckon he's anti-union in the US. So it was a no-brainer.

Romney's charm offensive hasn't been working that well at all. On Friday, he upset Britain saying he didn't think London was quite ready to host the 2012 Olympic Games – he soon backpedalled, albeit too late. Then the Palestinians got angry that he called Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. Makes you wonder what Romney's fellow countrymen are thinking of the man who would be President who's made his third gaffe in less than a week on his quest for international credibility.