The 66-year-old British man and his 5-year-old granddaughter, who drowned in a tragic accident, while on holiday in Portugal, have been named as Brian O'Dwyer and Lara Lewis. The tragedy occurred when the two holidaymakers, were taking a stroll along the beach, in the tourist resort of Nazare, when 9ft high strong waves broke over them and then dragged them out to sea.

Jill O'Dwyer, Lara's grandmother was also walking with them and pulled into the sea.After hearing cries, local fishermen raced to the scene and dragged the three holidaymakers from the waves. Although they were able to resuscitate Jill O'Dwyer, her husband and granddaughter could not be revived. Family relatives believed to be the girl's parents sit in shock at the side of the road.

A spokesman from the port said 'The grandfather was already dead when he was hauled from the water. Emergency services attempted to resuscitate the child, but to no avail,"

Written and Presented by Ann Salter