The trial of Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik was stopped today. After a man identified as the older brother of one of the victims, threw a shoe at him, during his trial on Friday. The first time the proceeding has been interrupted by a public outburst.

"Go to hell, go to hell, you killed my brother," shouted the man, who was seated in the second row of the public gallery, who screamed as he threw the shoe at Breivik from a few yards away, a local newspaper reported on its website.

The shoe missed Breivik but struck his co-defence lawyer, Vibeke Hein Baera, who was seated closest to the public gallery, during the presentation of an autopsy report.

People attending the trial reportedly applauded, after which the man was removed from the courtroom by police.

The incident came during a week of harrowing testimony from survivors of Breivik's rampage across the small island of Utoeya last July, where the ruling Labour Party was holding a youth camp. He killed 69 people there, many of them teenagers. The case continues.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter