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The Queen will celebrate her 86<sup>th birthday on 21 April. The occasion is expected to be a private one with only family members allowed. However, in recognition of her status and to allow for a more public celebration of so momentous a day, the Queen (as is, in fact, the tradition followed by British monarchs) will also celebrate her birthday later in the year, in June.

The private (real) birthday will be publically marked though, with gun salutes across the city. According to iTV, the gun salute involves 41 blasts at 10-second interval. Incidentally, a Royal Salute normally consists of 21 shots but this increases to 41 if fired from a Royal Residence or Park.

Interestingly, according to the UK Express, the Queen spent the eve of her birthday at the tracks, watching her two favourite horses run; she is known as an ardent racing fan. Furthermore, to mark her birthday, the Queen awarded the Savile Row tailor who makes uniforms for her Buckingham Palace coachmen and servants. Finally, after her birthday celebrations, she will visit Greenwich to name her new £1 million royal barge.

The Queen's birthday is celebrated outside the UK too. Her Majesty has visited 116 countries so far. Various countries like Kuwait and Pakistan will honour the occasion and these countries' ambassadors will receive the wishes on the Queen's behalf. The Queen will celebrate her Diamond Jubilee in June. Prince Harry has been visiting countries on her behalf as part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Her Majesty is the second-longest reigning British monarch in history, second only to Queen Victoria, who ruled for 63 years

On a final note, an earlier survey by Vogue indicated the commonly accepted colour of royalty was blue. Interestingly, it was also the colour the Queen most often appeared in! She is known to be particular about her clothes.

A look at the various attires worn by the Queen so far in various colours: