We had the first Olympics event yesterday, Women's football in Cardiff and a political gaffe involving the wrong flag. But now the eagerly awaited glamorous opening ceremony will take place tomorrow night and be officially opened by the Queen. It is expected to start at 9pm and finish around midnight.

But where will be the best places to watch the live coverage of the ceremony on home turf? Great outdoor viewing can be found at London's Hyde Park, Manchester's Exchange Square and Edinburgh's Festival Square. Elsewhere in the UK, big screens have been strategically positioned in public squares and shopping centres, allowing viewers to congregate and celebrate the games together.

Viewers who prefer to take in the ceremony at home can watch live coverage on all the BBC channels and Eurosport.

Filmmaker Danny Boyle has choreographed the opening ceremony under the title Isles of Wonder, and has strived to showcase the best of British culture. A promised extravaganza of, thrills, pyrotechnics, fireworks, animals and many more secret surprises!

Written and Presented by Ann Salter